Introducing the SKUSA Super Kart League

In the world of shifter kart racing, the SKUSA Super Kart League is one of the largest well-known leagues in the nation. It’s the acknowledged leader in the shifter kart industry. It’s the sanctioning body dedicated to high-performance kart racing in North America. The mission of SKUSA is to develop and promote the sport of kart racing into a truly professional motorsport. The goal is to build a network of regional racing programs all over the US, with a travelling tour that will enthrall the legions of fans.

SKUSA started back in 1994. It was led by several dedicated enthusiasts and now Tom and Patti Kutscher has taken over the driver’s seat since 2006. Tom was an ardent supporter of SKUSA ProMoto Tour since the late 1990s, and he was actually one of the top shifter kart drivers in the country. He moved on to kart shop ownership, and his Extreme Karting outfit won the 2003 Shifter Kart Illustrated Team of the Year award.

SKUSA Super Kart League

Tom afterwards realized the need for a stronger series for drivers and fans alike. He then launched the ProKart Challenge in Southern California. This quickly became the biggest shifter kart series in the area.

Soon the opportunity to acquire and manage SKUSA was presented to him, and he didn’t hesitate. His familiarity with the driver side and business side of the industry has made him uniquely suited for the role. Now the SKUSA SuperNationals is the biggest and most prestigious karting event in North America, and the best drivers from all over the world gather to compete for victory in this Superkarts USA event.

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