A Good Place to Start Shift Kart Racing

So you’ve finally seen how exciting shift kart racing can be, and now you want to try it for yourself. Shifter cars are not toys for newbies, but you can try out K1 speed go kart racing to get you up to speed, so to speak.

As mentioned in the previous post, indoor go-kart racing is a great way to make your way onto the shifter kart racing scene and out of the pit providing auto detail services.

Here are some reasons why K1 speed can help you out:

1. Even professional drivers like Boris Said are regular visitors to their excellent indoor karting facilities. (Boris Said won the 24 Hours of Daytona back to back, the Trans-Am Championship, the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race, and the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring.)

2. K1 Speed uses electric go karts exclusively. They offer decent performance compared to the gas-powered karts, and they don’t produce noxious fumes and other environmental hazards.

Learn How To Shift Kart Race

3. These carts can be pre-programmed to go no faster than preset speeds to accommodate various skill levels. So you can learn at your own pace in a way that’s both fun and safe. The Junior karts can reach 20 mph, while the other carts can reach 45 mph.

4. The training includes a safety briefing on the track and kart rules. You’ll learn how to operate a kart and understand the meaning of each racing flag.

5. You don’t really need any sort of racing experience to learn. You’ll get that experience right here in K1 Speed, where all you need is a sense of adventure, and K1 Speed will provide your equipment.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for K1 speed go kart racing now—slowpokes are not exactly encouraged!

Learn How To Be A Go-Kart Racer


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